Another year has passed! Thank you from all the BOA team

Support the industry association that supports you.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuing support of BOA NSW.

With your help, we will deliver strong and effective campaigns to ensure that young and adventurous travellers work, play and stay longer in NSW.

BOA remains an advocate of the backpacking industry in NSW to ensure that your voice is being heard.  We have been actively liaising with local and state government and tourism bodies on your behalf and consulting them on issues relating to the youth travel market.

Following the success of the 2016 Australian Youth Industry week which included the WYSE Exchange and annual BOA Ball, BOA collaborated again in 2017 with the WYSE Travel Confederation to create another successful Australian Youth Industry week, this year including the WYSE Conference and the annual BOA Ball.

BOA NSW and Adventure Queensland joined forces in Belgrade, Serbia to create one of the best Australian villages that WYSTC has seen in a long time. Commanding the largest single destination stand with 23 delegates from 18 operators, the Aussies provided a strong presence.

One of the highlights of the 3 day event was the happy hour hosted by Team Australia where up for grabs was a trip of a lifetime to Australia thanks to Tourism NT.

With 94 international buyer entries, the successful winner created an awesome scene coming first in a kangaroo hoping race. BOA is looking forward to WYSTC 2017 in Montreal , this time with the support of Tourism Australia.

BOA has also supported and provided input to the ATEC submission against the “visitor contribution” alongside AQ and BYTAP. ATEC has long represented the interests of the backpacker sector.

The BOA (Regional) sub-committee Byron Bay were busy with the Bi -Annual Ball. It was a huge success resulting in a sold out event. The interest and support inside and outside the industry was phenomenal. The Ball helps provide networking opportunities and is a fun and great way of bouncing new business ideas off each other.

Earlier this year, BOA had also been provided first-hand information from key sources like Kelly Lloyd, BOA’s Treasurer and Managing Director of AUREC on the 457 visa changes in the Open forum Industry Lunch to provide expert advice and information about the effect visa changes will have to our industry.

For the second year in a row, Destination NSW hosted a youth focused Product Showcase for BOA NSW members. After the success of the event last year we had an overwhelming response of applicants, the successful 7 BOA members were:

YHA Australia, Base Nomads, Coast Warriors, Colourful Trips, Lets Go Surfing, Surf Camp and Skydive Australia.

The half day event took place at the DNSW office and welcomed 20 senior marketing, media and development specialists from Destination NSW. These BOA members each had 15 minutes to showcase their product followed by a networking opportunity and follow up option. Everyone that attended, found the session beneficial to their business and the DNSW staff really enjoyed the vibe and buzz that our BOA members created on the day. We look forward to working with DNSW again in 2018 on this event.

Without you, BOA could not reach its goals.

If you have any suggestions about what BOA can do to help the industry, we want to hear from you. Feel free to reply to this email – Sammy Pearse-Marmont at so that we are able to better represent your interests.