Our Work

Working closely with Destination NSW and Tourism Australia, we help promote NSW & ACT as desirable destinations for both overseas and interstate travellers.

BOA acts as a spokesperson for the industry, lobbies state and local government on issues relevant to the industry, and develops and enhances services available to backpacker operators.

We oversee a code of ethics between operators and the public, and promote a co-operative and relationship between all backpacker operators.

Our Members

BOA members range from all sectors of the industry, including accommodation providers, travel agents, tour operators, transport providers, media publishers, communication providers and entertainment organisers.

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Our Committee

We are a not-for-profit organisation, directed by a membership-elected committee. Our committee members come from all sectors of the industry, ensures broad sector representation.

Regional Sub-Committees

BOA’s sub-committee in Byron Bay actively tackle region-specific issues. We reimburse 50% of membership fees received from regional operators to be used by the sub-committee.

Our Events

Our networking events promote a co-operative and harmonious relationship between backpacker operators, within NSW & ACT and interstate.